Quality assurance is one of the core departments of the Company. The integration of the newest technologies into the management information system allows a continuous monitoring of the production processes and assures traceability of the batches, quality of the products and respect of the lead time. The Quarta system, permits the full management of each order, i.e. the traceability of the date, machines, operators and all info relevant to the whole production process. The three-dimensional systems Mitutoyo and Hommel optical instruments (present also in controlling areas in the production site) available in quality-checkand in production areas, assure the highest level of quality. All instruments, digital and analogic, are subjected to accurate and certified tests which guarantee their efficiency and reliability.
Following certificates can be easily provided: dimensional check of each production phase, ISIR dimensional quality check of the final product, raw materials, galvanic, heat and surface treatments, surface hardness, and others the customers may ask for.

OMP’s technological partners:
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